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Project Description
This project takes aim at making it easier to create advanced workflows using Sharepoint Designer by providing a set of custom workflow activities.

Check out my Useful SharePoint Site Workflow Utilities project for Sharpoint 2010.

Check out my post on Sharpoint Designer 2010.

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Available Activities

InfoPath activities - allow to query/change InfoPath form data using XPath

- Have ideas for new activities? Post them as Features Issue Tracker

2/21/08 0.5.0 Alpha Released

Added 2 new activities. First one is the much awaited Copy List Item Extended Activity. The second is the Send Email Extended, which allows you to specify the sender. Also does not break links in body.

To Download go to SPDActivities 0.5.0 Alpha

9/26/07 0.4.0 Alpha Released

Added 5 new activities, one user related and four InfoPath form related. Finally got around to packaging the activities into a solution. Also added an installer for the solution. Wanted to commend guys at Wsp Builder and Sharepoint Installer for their great work.

To Download go to SPDActivities 0.4.0 Alpha

7/25/07 0.3.0 Alpha Released

In this release I added three new components described above. Also as suggested by alspeirs, who recently joined the project , I moved .ACTIONS configuration content to a separate file. This way if a patch is applied to the Sharepoint installation, custom activity definitions will not be blown away.

To Download go to SPDActivities 0.3.0 Alpha

7/9/07 Second Release!

I have been getting some great feedback. Just added four new custom activities. Three of them, permission related ones, came out of the project I am currently on. The fourth one came as suggestion from Maddin4711. Keep them coming!!!!

To Download go to SPDActivities 0.2.0 Alpha

7/4/07 First Release!

Today I released the first SPD custom workflow activity of, hopefully , a whole series of "Useful Sharepoint Designer Custom Workflow Activities". Please see
Send Email with HTTP File attachment page for more information.

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