grant permissions not working and killing whats already there

May 25, 2010 at 7:26 PM

Hi all. I have and auto start workflow on a Time Off Request List Library that works great all except being able to control who can view/edit an list item. I have added the Grant Permissions step in the beginning and the last possible place in the workflow and not only does it NOT work but it causes an error and keep the rest of the workflows functionality from going on as it should. This Error Occurred even affecting steps prior to the Grant Permissions step. I have tried setting the person I’m granting the permissions to as a SharePoint group, a single person as identified in a field, and to a string and none work. This must be dynamic to a field or these parts are almost worthless.

To give a clear view:

1)      A user submits a request

2)      The user has a approver in a list by the employee’s department

I have a very hard time thinking that on one got this to work like this but i can't seem to get there, HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!