workflow not starting on copy list item fire on creation

Apr 4, 2011 at 1:30 PM

I have a problem similar to others on this thread. I have list which I manually create a new item via the new Item form. When the item is created, it is copied to the second list for processing. The workflow triggers fine on the creation of the item in the second list. The workflow on the second list updates an item in list 3. After updating the item in list3, the workflow from the second item attempts to start another workflow on the item I updated in list 3. The workflow history indicates it is successful (no error) and log statements exist after the start. However, nothing happens.


I've read the following and wondered if it applied to my situation and others who use these workflow actions. 

Can anyone share their insight?


The answer is pretty simple: install Infrastructure Update of course if you are at it, you can update the whole farm to the latest patch level (FEB CU) ) and pay close attention to one small line (made bigger here because of it’s importance) written in the notes part of the knowledgebase article:

To prevent the declarative workflows from impersonating the system account, the workflows will now impersonate the user who created the workflow association.

This basically means that you should create a special account not SHAREPOINT\SYSTEM, that is a site collection owner on the site collection where the workflow is hosted, open the workflow in SharePoint Designer while logged on as this new account and simply save the workflow without modifying anything.

It will effectively change the account that associated the workflow, which will allow it to start.