Copy List Item Extended/ New Feature? Question / Hints

Sep 27, 2008 at 1:30 AM
First of all, thank you guys so much for creating these Custom Workflow Activities!
They have helped me a lot. I have hit a problem just now when using Copy List Item Extended.
The activity itself works wonderfully, but I really need to set permissions as well afterward.

What I have tried is making a workflow in the document library the file is copied to, and setting it to trigger when
a document is created or modified. Alas, this does not work across sites, whether I transfer files, or modify attributes.

I am new to Sharepoint, but don't expect you guys to baby me along... if you could kindly point me
to some buzzwords I could Google or offer a couple sentences in regards to the methodology in making this happen,
I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Some ideas off the top of my head to make this work:
Code event triggered by new /modified document
Code document metadata edit to trigger normal workflow
Timed Workflow Event [Copy List Item Extended seems to copy meta data just fine...]
Set permissions across sites?