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SharePoint 2010 - SPDActivities Installation Issue


All, just wanted to share with you an issue that I encountered during the installation of this solution in case anyone else runs into this same issue. My farm is a two server environment running Windows 2008 R2 std, 64bit with SQL 2008 in the backend and SharePoint 2010 w/SP1 as the WFE. An in-place upgrade from Moss 2007 to SPS 2010 was done in January 2011.
I successfully installed and tested the solution in our test farm with no issues, However, after successfully running the setup.exe in my production WFE (logged in with our portal admin acct), I navigated to the our main web application landing page to have my browser return an http 503 error. On my WFE server, I opened IIS Manager and our primary application pool was halted. I have discovered that the solution failed to restart our web application pool. I was able to manually start the stopped application pool from IIS manager and was able to navigate to the main landing page once again. I then proceeded to do a server audit (error logs, SPS logs). Though I was unable to determine why, I suspect it had something to do with my environment. The main difference between my production and test environment, is that our test is a clean 2010 environment and our production was upgraded from Moss 2007. If anyone has encountered this issue that hadn't had their environment upgraded, please let me know, I'd appreciate it. Thank You