May 31, 2008 at 1:16 AM


I am using this Wonderful tool to copy information from list A at a parent site to list B which will always be at a new subsite. The url for the new subsite will always be different. I created a column in List A which includes the complete path to List B. The url is https://..... Then in the workflow when the URL is asked for I selected Current Item and the field that contains this new URL in List A. The workflow errors out because the url that it looks up does not contain https://... but rather just http://....  and it says the list does not exist. These sites I work on are all https://....     I double checked my entry and I did use https://.....

If I manually type in the url in the workflow it works, but since each item in List A will be copied to a unique URL I can't input the URL manually.

Can anyone help me? Why does it not get the correct URL???

Thanks so much

Jo Arnspiger