Getting 403 on Email HTTP Attachment action

Apr 5 at 7:57 PM
Edited Apr 5 at 7:58 PM
I finally got these working in my SP2013 environment, but when I use the "Send email with HTTP attachment" activity, the workflow history is erroring out with a 403 FORBIDDEN. I'm using the 'Name (for use with forms) value as the filename, the 'Encoded Absolute URL' value as the path, and I had it show the latter value in the workflow history so I could confirm that the right path is being used. I have no problems opening the file with that path, but what I need to do is forward any uploaded file to a team mailbox.

Has anyone run into this issue? The file is being uploaded by a client account with limited permissions (View, Add Item), but the workflow is using an Impersonation Step with an account that has full access and is a site collection administrator.