Using "Set InfoPath..." and "Get InfoPath..." actions to extract file attachment in SharePoint 2007

Dec 16, 2009 at 5:44 PM

I have a browser-compatible InfoPath form published to a SharePoint 2007 form library. In my form is a File Attachment control. The user will attach a file and then submit the form to the Form Library. I want to be able to extract the attached file and place it in a separate document library.

It appears this is possible using the custom workflow action found here. I have deplyed this action and it appear to be working, but there is a catch. The first step in this action requires you to select the attachment field name. This type of field (InfoPath's File Atachment control) cannot be promoted as a property.

How can either or both sets of InfoPath-value retrieval actions from the Useful SPD Custom Workflow Activties be used to help achive this result?

Can you extract the correct value to allow you to populate a variable that could then be used in the place where you would "normally" use the (non-promotable) File Attachment field name from your InfoPath form?

I would REALLY appreciate some insight here- what are these InfoPath-related actions good for? How can they help me?